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Huskies 2021 Season


LOL at 42-13, 29-3, 19-3
Nov 20, 2012
Seattle, WA
Hoopla Cash
$ 11,798.00
Fav. Team #1
Fav. Team #2
Fav. Team #3
Hopefully this is the spark they needed to right the ship.
Still trying to process what I watched yesterday. As Mike Vorel put it perfectly, it was like a dam burst. I hope it wasn't a mirage and we don't go right back to stinking up the joint with Cal next week. But I'm optimistic at least after we saw what our offense is capable of when we got most of our WR corps available and they open the playbook up.
The weird thing is it just creates even more questions about WTF happened with Montana and why. But anyway, real solid game out there yesterday and I'll take the W.
Time to nut up and start PAC play.