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Clean Out Day....not really

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Flyers' started by wbon22, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. wbon22

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    As always teams that don't make the playoffs or are eliminated have the obligatory "clean out" or "trashbag" day. Lots of stuff comes out. Lots of insight into what the team may be looking to do (outside of the draft). Here is my thoughts, take:

    Say goodbye Val Filppula and Matt Read. Both are UFA's. Both are pretty much done. Read can still skate but has lost his shot or at least his offensive confidence. Filppula still has some mean skills and can do some really amazing things with the puck in tight spaces, but he has no first step at all. He either has to play at stride, or stationary. No offense...he is just done.

    Look for at least one of the current forwards to be moved out to either bring in a younger, fresher, faster more polished return...or for picks...depends on who gets moved. If you are paying attention I think it will be Simmonds. He had a down season. It was not just because he played nearly half of it injured. His game relies on his physical play, if he can not play 100% he is not a top 6 forward. His defensive lapses make him a liability (the PK got better when they took him off it).

    I would like to say that Manning and Gudas are gone. Manning is an UFA (so is Oduya who we all know is gone). For some reason there is an organizational love affair with Manning. He is a 7 in the NHL. In the AHL he can play top 3. IF both of these two are moved on, look for Hagg (RFA) to be resigned. Expect to see Philippe Myers at least given a real shot in the pre-season to take one of the spots. Potentially the Flyers could have Ghost, Provorov, Sanheim, Hagg, Myers, Morin, AMac as their 7 defensemen next season.

    Say goodbye to Peter Mrazek. The fact that Hakstol wouldn't even dress him for the last three games is beyond telling. He had more faith in an surgically repaired goalie with no lateral movement and a goalie who is prone to breaking down at the drop of a hat. I fully expect Neuvirth to be moved somehow. He simply can not be depended on to be healthy. Don't expect Carter Hart next season. Expect to see either Stolarz, Lyon or both playing with Elliot.

    There are a number of organizational RFA's. I don't expect any of them to be turned free (accept for Mrazek).

    Looking ahead to the real clean out day, the draft lotter (so we know if we get the Blue's pick this season) and the draft...and then free agency.

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  2. FlyerFinFan

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    Stolarz is definitely a wildcard. He has looked good but injuries have derailed his career. He's still young so look for him to surprise. If not Elliott and Neuvy are a shaky combo. If the team improves how do you stay status quo? Stolarz could be the key...
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