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Getting into a Power 5 league and potential aftermath of doing so

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Jun 24, 2014
Hoopla Cash
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Cincinnati is one of the schools in the American that has been linked to a potential move to a Power 5 league.

The conferences it has been linked to have included the ACC and Big 12. I personally prefer the ACC at this point in time, especially since Louisville (who is going through a tough time now) is in that conference and I'd love to see that rivalry be renewed. Cincinnati would be part of a package deal with Connecticut, which has also been linked to an ACC move throughout this decade.

The football program would want to upgrade its non-conference schedules as part of a transition to a power conference, playing more OOC games against other Power 5 schools - both the ACC and Big 12 have requirements of playing at least one such game, and the ACC requires occasionally playing Notre Dame every now and then.

The biggest likely casualty would be the annual series with Miami (Ohio). Cincinnati probably wouldn't want to keep that series going on an annual basis if the Bearcats are in a power 5 league, given that the Redhawks would bring down their strength of schedule, instead they might pursue an annual series with Ohio State (which the other sports might also do); this might be encouraged by people working for the state of Ohio.