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Dumb Ass Of The Week Award

Discussion in 'Cars & Automotive' started by True Lakers Fan, May 16, 2018.

  1. True Lakers Fan

    True Lakers Fan Los Angeles Lakers Fan Supporting Member Level 1

    Apr 16, 2013
    Pensacola, Fl
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    I know a person who purchased a new vehicle -I think it was Nissan SUV - nice one too. I purchased a Ford right before he did. He now has 30,000 miles on because like me he is a high mileage person. Took it in to a Jiffy Lube(yuck) and the guy told him that there was a lot sludge in the engine and he needed an engine flush. So being what I would call a dumb ass, he believed it and had it done. Then he calls me up and asks me if it's possible that they did something wrong in the process to cause it to start smoking

    Me: Hell yes there are things they can do wrong to cause it to smoke. Why in the hell did you have an engine flush at 30K miles

    Him: They told me to do that - I just assumed that being the mechanic he knew what he was talking about

    Me: Hell no he didn't know what he was talking about - these are minimum wage people that no nothing about cars except to sell oil changes and engine flushes.

    Him: We he works there - I would think that if it was bad for the engine, he would have told me not too

    Me: I just told you - they are not professional mechanics there - Have you been doing your oil changes correctly? - and if you have been using Jiffy Lube, they usually will use Penzoil which will cause sludge to build up fast

    Him: Well I used regular oil a couple of times, when they call for synthetic oil, but I did the oil changes on time for the most part

    Me: First of all, you should have checked your manual and did the oil changes as recommended and made sure that the ones doing the oil changes used the correct oil. Most manufacturers recommend 5000 miles, but most people do the oil changes at 3000 to prevent problems and lengthen the life of the car. Your car is your source of income

    Him: Well, Uh, Er I just assumed that he knew what he was talking about, but what on earth could go wrong.

    Me: Well the flush can damage the engine components(For the record it would have been useless to have told him that the rings could have been damaged, He doesn't know a crankshaft from a piston:L) Then you have catalytic converters that can get damaged beyond repair and cost you $$$$$$. I think you should take the suv to the dealer and do not tell them about the flush or regular oil - if they figure that out - your warranty will be voiced and you will be screwed big time

    Him: Well my regular mechanic - says it's possible that the stuff they used is still in the engine and it might just take a few days to burn off - Is that possible

    Me: No I don't think so, because if they did the engine flush correctly, none of the chemicals should be in the engine and if they are - then you have bigger problem because when your mechanic says the engine is burning oil your engine components appear to be damaged.

    I cannot figure out how a person who is 64 years, been driving for 44 years and owned more brand new cars than I have could be so freakin stupid:doh:

  2. redseat

    redseat Well-Known Member

    Apr 17, 2013
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    well you just answered your own question..... He keeps on buying new cars.....
  3. batchaps4me

    batchaps4me Trolley conductor in Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

    Oct 11, 2016
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    My Dad owned a gas station way back when and he loved to tell us about a woman that came in raising hell. To make a long story short, he sold her a half pint of tail light fluid. SO I buy an old 69 Bug and my wife starts nagging about checking the antifreeze and I cannot convince her of the truth. I made $100 for the rathole fund.
  4. outofyourmind

    outofyourmind Oklahoma Sooners

    Jul 2, 2013
    Oklahoma City
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    He probably had the radiator and transmission serviced/flushed, and just didn't know it.