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Songs about dreaming, dreams


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Dec 22, 2020
Visalia California
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A little different deal here, I have had dreams of a once upon a time....

It was around 1973, we stopped in Hawaii to refuel, so we had a few days on Wikiki, so we end up at a bar the Red Noddle. There was 5/6 of us sailors all a long way from home sharing a pitcher of beer. The house band was the Cascades anyone remember them, they had a hit with Rhythm of the Falling Rain. Well they start singing about Brandy....

Obviously that is Looking Glass who the Cascades were covering but I didn't know it at the time. Talk about the perfect song for the occasion, there it was.

I heard the song on a radio a few weeks later, thought......I;ll be damn the Cascades recorded it, cool.


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