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Discussion in 'Travel Forum' started by FaCe-LeE-uS, Oct 2, 2018.

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    Sep 2, 2014
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    I spent a summer in KL when I was 13, my dad was living there. I remember the food was spicy for a kid but I learned to really like it. Went to Penang, can't remember what was the difference between Georgetown and Penang, maybe you can clarify.

    I really liked it. A lot. Weather was tropical but not oppressive, we visited lots of great places. Frasier's Hill was pretty cool with a golf course squished into such a small spot they had fairways that crossed each other, you can be standing in the 4th fairway and guys on 7 were hitting into you. Dad was a member of the Royal Selanger Golf Club which is where I learned the game on the par 3 course.

    No issue with toilet paper but they didn't have milk, as a kid that sucked. Eating the street food at The Stalls was a great experience. Mangosteins are the world's best fruit.