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G45 Glock

Discussion in 'Guns & Shooting' started by CTN, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. CTN

    CTN Active Member

    Dec 2, 2018
    South Carolina
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    $ 1,000

    Anybody have one? I took my family to the range for a few hours today and one of these were on the shelf there and it made me remember a article I read somewhere a few months ago about them. They are a hybrid of the 17 and 19 I believe.

    The owner let me look at it and I thought it felt great. The next time I go I plan to rent one and see how I like it, but didn't have time today as they had 2 CWP classes going and we were lucky to just get a lane.

    I was wondering if anybody here had some rounds thru one and could offer some pros and cons on it. To me the double stack 19 round capacity seems nice and as mentioned it seemed to have a nice feel just looking at it. I do not own a 17 or 19, but have friends who swear they are the best models Glock produced.

    If I like the feel of it when I rent it I will probably want to purchase one but dont want to do that and find out that I need to replace the barrel or guide rod or whatever to make it be reliable.

    Any info apreciated, TIA

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