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Around the World, Komodo Dragons, Part 3

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by bamagrad75, May 28, 2019.

  1. bamagrad75

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    Nov 30, 2018
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    My last full day, we headed off an hour south to Komodo Island, the home of the biggest dragons. Smaller ones can be found on other islands..they are very good swimmers. Komodo Island itself is quite large. Would take weeks to fully explore & has that Jurassic Park vibe as you near the entrance.

    Yes, there are villages on the island itself & the natives get along quite well with the dragons. Not unusual to spot one laying on someone's porch. So long as it's not mating season or you get near their food, they can be a bit lazy. BUT, they can run faster than you think, so best not to chance getting away.

    And they are toxic, their skin, their tongues, everything, so you don't cuddle with them.

    Before you head out, you get strict instructions to stay BEHIND the guide with the "dragon stick". And not to just look out but down..a few days before, someone stepped on a spitting cobra. The island is home to more than dragons, snakes, birds, wild boar, deer & even water buffalo. Things are always rattling around in the brush.


    One side of the island from the boat. It's large & can be forbidding.


    Young female looking for water & food.


    Medium size male on the move. Here's where that telephoto lense you've been dragging around earns it's keep.


    One of the older males, just chillin. Check out the claws. And when he gets up, you move back, fast.


    Probably deciding which one of us to eat.


    On the move. They look slow & lumbering, until they build up speed.


    This is actually a "medium" size male. We didn't see a LARGE, they were further back on the island that day. And, no, I didn't put my hand down on him, just above him but was ready in case he decided to suddenly stand up.


    Another medium male on the move.


    Remember that lecture about stay BEHIND the guide with the "dragon stick"? Well, somehow I ended up with the dragon stick while my guide has my camera taking pictures. LOL. Yeah, that's a comfy thought.


    Another view of the island from our boat.

    Hot as hades, 1000% humidity that day but worth getting to see the dragons. Sadly, people have been stealing them, so Komodo Island will close to tourists starting in January, 2020. You can still see the smaller dragons on other islands but they are doing a count & deciding what measures to implement. Glad I got the opportunity to see them on their mother island.

    Having learned my lesson, I paid for the speedboat ride back to Labuan, then off to Bali that afternoon, this time NOT with deathtrap airlines but Garuda is a great Indonesian airline with a good safety record.

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    Dec 1, 2018
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    Apr 16, 2013
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    Nice pics and yes, the power of the zoom.. I have two...18mm to 300, and the older 200 to 500
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