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All Wrapped up and Ready to Go

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Flyers' started by wbon22, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. wbon22

    wbon22 Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    Cherry Hill, NJ
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    With Robert Hagg singing the Flyers are "all done" for offseason. Could there be a surprise signing to bring in someone in for a camp try out. But really, those don't often pan out. What we do know is basically how this team is sizing up for the season at this point....and in many ways there is a lot to be excited about. In some ways...not so much.

    Forward: The Flyers are not so much stacked at forward as they are comfortably snug. Having Giroux, Couturier, Patrick, Van Riemsdyk, Voracek, Konecny and Simmonds is a pretty nice group. Laughton, Lindblom, Raffl and Weal add depth and some pop.

    Defense: This can be the teams strength if the forwards choose to back check and manage gaps. If they don't, no d-corps will shine. Assuming that they do Provorov, Gostisbehere, Sandheim, Hagg are a good core group for the future, AMAC, Gudas, and Frolin will round out the bottom two pairs and hope to productively eat minutes without costing the team.

    Goaltending: This is where it gets scary. Elliot was a warrior for the Flyers last season. He was overplayed because Neuvirth couldn't be relied upon and it hurt the team. My hope is that Lyon or Stolarz are spotted to help allow Elliot to not get over extended. Carter Hart is the long term answer, we all hope that, but if he is seeing significant game action in the NHL this season something has either gone terribly wrong on the injury front, or he has simply been too good to keep down.

  2. Maverick426h

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    Apr 24, 2010
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    I would say that nothing is set in stone as far as the last three or four forward starters as well as the last two defenders. Frost, Vecchione or Vorobyov could challenge for one of the forward spots along with Myers on defense. If Morin weren't hurt, you would include him too.