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Open invite to join our 320-team college basketball simulation league!

Discussion in 'College Basketball Forum' started by ralz9, Aug 11, 2017 at 8:17 AM.

  1. ralz9

    ralz9 New Member

    North Carolina
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    Welcome to the National College Athletic League!

    What we are is a full-on, 320-team simulation league based in a parallel universe where the NCAA has closed its doors, leading to the NCAL becoming college basketball’s governing body.

    Have you ever dreamed of leading a low-major school to a March Madness glory run? How about taking over a blue blood program and continuing a dynasty? In the NCAL, you can manage one of 320 Division-I basketball programs! You can see those teams and conferences here: (teams already claimed are here under the “coaches” tab: )

    Just how does this work? We use the Zen Basketball GM site to simulate games, manage rosters, etc. Head on over to collegebasketball.zengm.com and play around with it a bit! At various points throughout the season, we release a file export that you then upload to the site where you can view statistics, conference standings, AP rankings, adjust your team’s minutes and check out this year’s recruiting class.

    As far as operations go, we use the forum over ncal.boards.net a bit--that’s where you’ll post pitches and offers to players in specified threads, read articles/rumors, announcements, check the league calendar, etc. However, we also use a Slack (if you’ve never used it before, it’s like GroupMe or Discord but better) where links to the announcements are also posted a pinned and there’s great discussion and all that. If you have an assistant coach or co-head coach, this is a great place to communicate with them or other coaches in your conference. When tournaments are live streamed, this where YouTube links and stuff will be dropped (of note, when you sign up for the forums, make your username the same as your Slack username).

    Each team plays in a 30-game season plus a conference tournament and then potential postseason play that’s either the “National Tournament” or the NIT. The game moves at a steady base, so the regular season takes 30 days, we take a day break, simulate conference tournaments, take a day off, do the tournament selection show live on YouTube and then the NIT and the National Tournament are done the ensuing two days. Throughout the regular season, recruiting is an active process. During the regular season, 12 players will commit each day. All pitches are due by 8 p.m. EST that day (which brings us to an important thing, “how are pitches done?”). You can obviously offer any recruit, but by looking at the values spreadsheet (it looks like this: ), you can find players that fit what your school can offer.

    This means that 360 recruits will commit during the season (a calendar will be released before the season that says what days those 360 recruits will commit) and approximately another 500 would commit during a 20-day-long recruiting period following the conclusion of the National Championship game. During the season, your school can give out three in-home visits and five campus visits (however, if it’s an in-state recruit, your visits don’t count against you!). During the “summer” recruiting period, you can give out four in-home visits and seven campus visits (same rule applies for in-state recruits). A judging panel votes and determines where each player commits.

    Other cool features: Teams can have assistant coaches to add firepower to recruiting, but head coaches sign contracts that are negotiated with the conference commissioner, brand contracts (money can be used to slightly upgrade facilities, other things that recruits value) with jersey designs, and conferences negotiate TV conferences for some extra money.

    Note: We’re also looking for conference commissioners. Basically, this means you coach a team in that conference and you’d help add players to rosters before each season and you’d also represent your conference when voting on any future amendments to the league. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    So, if you’re interested in joining shoot me a direct message or just click this link (https://join.slack.com/t/thencal/shared_invite/MjI0ODQwMzk4NjI3LTE1MDIzNzY5MDItMzk2MThlYmQ1ZQ).

  2. Terry Rode

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    Jul 28, 2017
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    Just joined! This is a pretty neat deal you got here.
  3. Hitman Hart

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    May 3, 2012
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    lol, hopefully this gets me to the start of the CFB season quicker