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What a Mess


Willing to die to protect the unwilling
Apr 17, 2013
New Hampshire
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Celtics basically fired Danny Ainge and replaced him with Brad Stevens who was fired as head coach.
Stevens immediately made changes that he knew needed to be made because he also knew what the locker room problems were.
The Celtics brought in Ime Udoka as the new head coach and now he's saying he doesn't know what's wrong.

Too many changes? To many changes too quickly?

Press wants to blame Stevens because he couldn't win a Championship in his eight years as head coach.
Press is saying the Udoka needs time.
Press is saying, wait until Jaylen Brown comes back healthy.

Here's the real problem: Celtics coaching sucks. They have not instilled a "TEAM" attitude. When Brown and Tatum are on the floor, one or the other takes the shots and no one shares the ball. Schoder, Freedom, Horford and everyone else are ignored by these two. Now that Brown is injured, everyone is waiting for Tatum to score 48 a night and hope that Schoder picks up the slack and scores 38. In the past three games against the Lakers, Clippers and Suns, they've looked a bad U17 AAU team being coached by an alcoholic father.