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Tablet recommendations


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Sep 8, 2014
Hoopla Cash
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I have a Samsung 10" Tablet that's probably at least 5 years old. It was nice when everything worked properly, but now it's getting quirky so I'm looking for a replacement.

I'll use it for basic things like Zoom sessions and watching videos. 10" has worked well for that, I wouldn't want to go smaller.

There's an Office Max and Target near me, and I noticed they're both selling the same model Samsung 10". LIsts for $229 at both stores; Office Max has it on sale this week for $179.

(FYI, when I bought my previous tablet, I waited for one of the two stores to go below $300. I can't remember which one did.)

Target also has some "bargain" brands, such as an Amazon FIre for about $100.

Any recommendations?