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Patriots 2021 Draft Revisited


Willing to die to protect the unwilling
Apr 17, 2013
New Hampshire
Hoopla Cash
$ 2,481.86
Fav. Team #1
Fav. Team #2
Fav. Team #3
Texans have had 8 winning seasons in their 18 years of existence.

It took them awhile to get to be good enough for the playoffs but they did get there. It didn't take them as long as it took the Patriots (25 years).

Seems that as soon as they start to get over a problem, something bites them and drop like a rock. I'm not sure that Caserio, Easterby or the owner have the right course mapped out, but right now, they're in a swirl heading down a deep drain. If someone doesn't step up slap someone upside the head, the Texans are headed a for a long, long stretch in the septic system.