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OT: Any of You Jabronis Like Girl Scout Cookies?


Don't be a jabroni.
Dec 2, 2011
Yorba Linda, CA
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If so, my youngest daughter is selling them for her troop. $5 a box and this helps them with trips, learning experiences, activities, etc. I'm troop dad and the last 2 years she has come close to being the top seller but keeps losing out by like 5 boxes. She doesn't know I'm doing this - she would not agree, but that's why I'm dad and pulling rank - but I plan on kicking the other girl's little cookie butt this year. Even little girls are not safe from the wrath of Puck.

If you're interested you can message me here, text if you have my number, email me or go to my social media and I'll send you the link or order there. If you're local we will be delivering them safely starting the week of Jan 24, but you have the option of having them shipped to you too when you place your order. That can be locally or out of state (hint hint Loco, your niece needs your help). If anyone else has someone in their family that needs some sales, let me know and I'll buy some too.

Thanks in advance. Fockers.