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New mock draft 3/31

Discussion in 'New Orleans Saints' started by Ritzarmy, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. Ritzarmy

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    Jul 3, 2013
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    The Saints GM fearthepelicans is looking for a assistant GM. The draft requires that teams have a GM and a assistant GM in case he/she can't make the selection then a assistant will be present for the selection. So please go to the NFL forum Nos' Hoopla N.F.L. Mock Draft and say that you can be the assistant GM.

    Rules are:
    The Draft will begin Monday March 31st at 10:00am EST.

    We will ask that each team have a main GM and an asst GM who is allowed to make the selects for the team.

    You will be required to leave a list if there is any chance you will be away when your pick comes up. If you do not leave a list and you miss your pick you will be skipped and someone else will be allowed to takeover the GM position for your team. Not trying to be an ass about it but this cannot be successful if we miss picks.

    There will be no trading of players however you will be allowed to trade picks but the picks must be within 100 points on the draft value chart.

    Trades can be given to me starting March 23rd, remember both teams must PM me the trade and that they have accepted it.

    Walters Football Site: NFL Draft Value Chart

    Both teams will need to PM me the trade and that they have agreed upon it. Please when sending me the trade include the round and pick of each pick traded.

    I will have 4 threads for the draft. The Discussion thread, the selection thread, the trade thread and the full draft thread.

    Please only post on the discussion thread and only post your picks on the selection thread, the trade and full draft thread will be view only, please do not post on them.

    I will keep the trade and full draft thread as updated as possible. please use Ctrl + F on the full draft thread to view if a player you want has already been selected.

    Two things are needed for a mock draft to be successful. Be Patient and leave a list!

    If you have ideas or i've forgotten something please let me know.

    *** After the draft has concluded there will be a vote to determine who has done the best job for his/her team. The voting will be done by division, posters will vote for which team had the best draft for every division and then once decided there will be a playoff to determine who has done the overall best job drafting for their team.

    Atlanta Falcons : Logicallylethal
    Carolina Panthers :
    New Orleans Saints : fearthepelicans
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers : Clayton
    Chicago Bears :
    Detroit Lions : Microwahevo & Lionstop1
    Green Bay Packers : Pack 500
    Minnesota Vikings : Nos
    Dallas Cowboys : UK Cowboy &
    New York Giants :
    Philadelphia Eagles :
    Washington Redskins : Ritzarmy & VTSparks
    Arizona Cardinals : Davis Mike
    St. Louis Rams : Johnny &
    San Francisco 49ers : supreme clientele 81 &
    Seattle Seahawks :
    Houston Texans : gkekoa
    Indianapolis Colts : sjballer03
    Jacksonville Jaguars : CalamityX11
    Tennessee Titans : godsavethetitans &
    Buffalo Bills :
    Miami Dolphins : Jakology &
    New England Patriots : melmaan &
    New York Jets :
    Baltimore Ravens :
    Cincinnati Bengals : DanBengalfan &
    Cleveland Browns : Shanemansj13 &
    Pittsburgh Steelers : FaCe-LeE-uS
    Denver Broncos : cdumler7 & Randymon
    Kansas City Chiefs : NJBuckO's
    Oakland Raiders :
    San Diego Chargers : HizzleRocker