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Marc Crawford hired as assistant coach with Blackhosers

Discussion in 'Los Angeles Kings' started by Psych3man, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. Psych3man

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    Jul 6, 2013
    Outside Chicago
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  2. Stunner_At_Staples_Kings

    Stunner_At_Staples_Kings Giant Member

    Jul 7, 2013
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    I remember Crawford had a funny story he told when he was coaching the Kings. He said he was with Vancouver, and the coach jokingly asked who the "Russian kid" was. But it was a joke on how many times he told Crawford to get off the ice.

    Get "Crawford-off" (Russian Translation: Crawfordov).

    I feel like the Blackhawks are out there trying to make moves, so they are a team to sort of keep an eye on again. They did win 3 cups once upon a time not long ago, and have been rebuilding for what has to be 3 years already. Made some trades already this summer. Who knows. They're also probably like "Okay, if the Blues just won a cup, our window is back open"
  3. PuckinUgly57

    PuckinUgly57 Don't be a jabroni.

    Dec 2, 2011
    Yorba Linda, CA
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    I was so on board with his hire in LA initially because of how he handled the Avalanche and to a degree the Canucks. I was exciting thinking he would replicate at least some of the success he had in both places.

    Shortly after it was pretty obvious he wasn't the right fit for LA and I started to look for differences between all 3 teams and why he was better in Colorado and Vancouver than he was in LA two specific things jumped out at me:

    - all 3 teams had younger rosters, common denominator
    - the Avalanche and Canucks had some talented players who were already progressing well where as LA did not

    That second line is the one that jumps out at me. Essentially he had much better talent than he did in LA, which makes coaching a bit more fun as well as easier I would assume. He inherited Kopitar and Brown and that was it, and then a bunch of spare parts and career veterans.

    The talent level was the difference and he simply had no idea how to manage LA.