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Jeff Schaffer thinks men's tennis is boring.

Discussion in 'Tennis' started by nuraman00, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. nuraman00

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    Sep 19, 2012
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    'Curb Your Enthusiasm' producer breaks down finale, possibility of more episodes

    How hard was it to land Lin for this guest arc?
    From the very beginning, we wanted Lin-Manuel Miranda in Fatwa! The Musical, and to end the show with a Hamilton-style duel. And that’s what we wrote. One small problem… we hadn’t ever bought any of this to Lin’s attention. We wrote the whole thing without talking to him. And there really was no Plan B — other than having only eight episodes. So we just kept telling ourselves, “He’s going to say yes, he’s going to say yes.” the way the high school nerd psyches himself up before asking the head cheerleader to prom. Thinking back on it, we had a better chance of getting the actual Ayatollah of Iran to guest star in the finale. I guarantee he’s a lot less busy than Lin. (I am still trying to get Larry that fatwa!)

    Larry called him up, and luckily Lin was a fan of the show. Of course, the entire time we were going to be shooting our season, he was going to be shooting Mary Poppins. In London. So, we turned our shooting schedule into a pretzel — we snuck in the scenes from episode 9 in the agent’s office while he was in town for the Oscars. But it was soworth it. Saying Lin-Manuel Miranda is talented is as obvious as saying puppies are cute — or men’s tennis is boring — but damn, did he deliver! And I love that duel. Larry David is the Burr of our times!

  2. Hs0022

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    Jul 17, 2013
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    He’s precious!
  3. Old Lion

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    Apr 18, 2013
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    So he is gay?
  4. cezero

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    Jul 2, 2013
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    maybe, but at least he's not white trash