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Its obvious what the want is now and its ticking me off


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Jul 31, 2013
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I get the sense that Sean and Drew believe that it should no longer be up to Drew to win games anymore. That Drew needs his defense to bail him out for three quarters until he is ready to move the ball. It sickens me to be honest and it is testing my fandom.

This team now wants to go from being about Brees to being for Brees.

I have no faith in the saints because all they want to make you do is hope than know. If we don't get a big receiver then we will have to hope the B receiver we get is good enough to help Drew rather than knowing.

The defense was bad but you cannot stop a team in a rhythym no matter what defense you have. You have to knock them down and the offense needs to drive the wedge in to make a comeback impossible. We did not do that. I'm not blaming Drew I'm blaming Sean. We had a 14-0 lead on Carolina and the offense sits on it and does nothing until the end of the third q.