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Hakstol...and then there were none

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Flyers' started by wbon22, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. wbon22

    wbon22 Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2011
    Cherry Hill, NJ
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    It is all but done that Dave Hakstol is out as the Flyers head coach. Even CSN Philly is running bold all caps titled articles. I admit, the chance to get a coach of the quality of Joel Quenneville is really too good to turn down. This team has clearly hit a wall and is not responding to whatever Hakstol is offering and it is possible that he packed it in, metaphorically at least, when Hextall was fired.

    But I have a problem.

    All of the sudden the articles are all about how hiring a college coach was a mistake. He failed to do this and he failed to do that and he didn't translate x into y. Haven't these people been reading their own articles surrounding the firing of Ron Hextall? One of the reasons he was fired, and why Gord Murphy was fired, was he was micromanaging coaching decisions. Hakstol has never had the free reign to run his bench, or his 23 man roster, as he saw fit. That became more and more clear. But now, it is all his fault.

    But again, I have a problem.

    Hakstol is the same coach who coaxed a god awefull team into the playoffs in his first year by turning a rookie blue liner loose and saying "do what you do." The same rookie blue liner who his predecessor was quoted as saying didn't belong in the NHL. After that mistake of a playoff appearance, Ghost was expected to play within the system and not drive the system. And he has been backsliding ever since.

    The vast majority of the team can be said to have had it's ups and downs during Hakstol's tenure. The biggest ongoing issue being in goal. Yes, he overplayed Elliot last year and was showing signs of doing it again this year before he went down. But when your option is the Brittle One, what do you expect.

    I feel sorry for Hakstol and hope that he gets another chance. I hope that some of the players who have been unwilling to show up learn that you can't pull that shit for Joel Quennville and find themselves unemployed.

  2. raptorlife4

    raptorlife4 Long Time Member

    May 20, 2010
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    He has been horrible. Had a lot of rope and had his chance.
  3. Screamin Eagle

    Screamin Eagle Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross

    Aug 17, 2014
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    Should have been fired last year. For that matter so should Holmgren.
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