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Going into week 2(well besides Cleveland/Cincinnati)


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Jul 31, 2013
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So week 1 was a test to see how things shaped up for me. I was uncertain on many games. These questions were answered

Seattle may be for real and should challenge for the 1 seed after beating the Falcons. Even more, after Dallas just lost to LA, Seattle should be able to beat Dallas now, but we'll know after week 3.

Chicago was downplayed so badly on here that I started going toward Detroit winning week 1. At the last minute, I picked a Detroit sweep. After Chicago wins week 1, I am actually sticking with Detroit winning in Chicago. Chicago isn't necessarily better at home. With that said, Detroit's fate as GB's co-contender will be decided after week 3.

Indianapolis's loss to Jacksonville was a fringe pick. It was something that was not unexpected. They're still a playoff team. As for Jacksonville, if they beat the Dolphins, they may be 2-14 instead of 1-15.

I expected NO to lose week 1, but they won. Week 9, NO has the advantage with the rest and fatigue factored in. But....we'll see. If they sweep TB, they'll win the division. But I'm not holding my breath.

I was right to switch off of Philadelphia sweeping Washington again. That was the only change I was right on.

Browns losing at Baltimore....I thought Cleveland had a better chance here. Week 14, Baltimore is playing for much more and will have 10 days rest. Week 7 against Pittsburgh becomes interesting.

Now, on to week 2's games with crucial teams

Buffalo at Miami. Buffalo should be heavily favored, but i don't think the Bills need to beat them twice this season.

I expect Seattle to beat NE. But it's unpredictable.

There is possible reverse psychology with Rams/Eagles. Rams could win, but this game goes either way. This was the week 2 game I switched picking the winner last week, and that's the Eagles.

Can the Giants upset the Bears? It's Bears, but it's a close call.

Will Houston surprise us with a win over Baltimore? I have Baltimore and had them all offseason.

Detroit at Green Bay? Fireworks. GB atm.

Minnesota and Indianapolis game has now become interesting. This affects week 4's Minnesota at Houston. Min splits. All offseason, I expected Indianapolis to win and Houston to lose.

Tennessee does have five days rest to consider against Jacksonville, who could keep it even with them and the Colts. This, however, looks to be the lock of the week for Tennessee winning.

Will CMac light up TB? TB though.

Finally, NO at LV. No Michael Thomas, perhaps. NO loses here or Denver still. After TB at LV week 7, more will be known.