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First game notes

Discussion in 'North Carolina Tar Heels' started by theSabanator20, Sep 4, 2015.

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    -OLine looks very good in run blocking, solid in pass blocking but could be better
    -RBs looks stout, Elijah Hood had a breakout performance with 138 yds on 13 carries
    -WRs are great, Bug Howard also had a breakout day with 6 catches for 114 yds
    -Secondary was blanketing SCar's receivers all game and played the ball well in the air
    -Dline got a good pass rush, just need to discipline themselves to stay in their lanes

    -QB play was mediocre. Marquise has got to work on accuracy and decision making under pressure. If it's not there, take off with it or throw it away. Took 4 sacks and threw 3 picks. The OLine blocked fairly well, he had at least 4 seconds to pass on virtually every play. Gotta improve on his reads and improvising when the play breaks down, and take advantage of his athleticism.
    -LBs were much better than last year in tackling, more physical and sound. But they were awful on horizontal runs. Gotta work on taking better angles.

    Overall assessment:

    It is the first game, and we didnt play a nobody. South Carolina is one of the best teams we will face this year. But they are not better than us. We fucked up 2 trips inside the 10 yd line where we should have at LEAST 6 points out of those two drives, either scoring a TD or kicking 2 FGs. Also need to work the LBs on perimeter runs. This team has SO MUCH potential to be great, but we could have been so much better than we were tonight. Turnovers killed us. We should have won the game. Not being a Homer, just telling the truth. We dominated in all phases of the game except the turnover margin. Fedora better be recruiting a smart QB this year. Our defense was VASTLY better than last year. The fact that we had 3 turnovers and only gave up 17 points is a sign of promise.

    I still think we will have a great season, and are still very much in the ACC race.

    GO TAR HEELS!!!!

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