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ECU Pirates Men's Basketball 2019 signing class

Discussion in 'East Carolina Pirates' started by SideSwipe52, May 31, 2019.

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    ECU Pirates Men's Basketball 2019 signing class. Here's a recap of what Coach Dooley had to say about each player.

    (Photo: From Tremont Robinson)
    "I think he's a winner. He's very athletic. He's got three years, which is great for your point guard. He can disrupt you defensively. He can steal the ball. The other thing is he shot 40-plus percent from the 3-point line. I just think he's very aggressive and puts pressure on you at all times."


    Tyrie Jackson (Photo: Shaban Athuman, Getty)
    "Toughness. I think the biggest thing we got from him is (Northwest Florida State coach) Steve DeMeo said he's a great teammate. Ludgy (Debaut), the other guy we signed from Northwest Florida, couldn't speak highly enough of 'Pig,' and vice versa. That was obviously important. Coach Roc (Steve Roccaforte) obviously has a great feel for him. He's a guy that is a physical 6-3, 6-2 guy who's bouncy, athletic, he likes to defend and he's very strong. He's college-ready."


    "Another guy with three years. He can shoot the ball, really good size, aggressive defender, I do think he's another guy that's versatile. He's about a 6-5 guy. I do think we can play him at different positions, especially non-conference games."


    "Tristen scored an unbelievable amount of points in high school. I think Roc said his high school record was like 113-15 in his four-year high school career. I think he can play the point some. I think that part of Texas is under recruited. Most people probably assumed he was going to UTEP. The other interesting thing about him is he's got a running vertical of 44 inches. So when you watch him from an athletic standpoint, he needs to get stronger. He has good genes. His brother plays at Evansville. He just needs to get stronger because he's young. He should be going into his senior year next year."


    "I think Logan can play the point a little bit. His high school coach was very successful in New Jersey and took over (Calvert Hall) last year. Really liked his toughness. His dad played in the NFL. He's a strong kid and athletic. Good student. I think the one big thing is he wanted to be here right from the get-go. That was a real positive. He had a real good year this year on a bad team, unfortunately for him."


    (Photo: Hoop Seen)
    "Versatility. I think he's one of those guys who does a lot of things. He played at a high-level prep school this year at Massanutten. They played everybody, from the Hargraves to all the better prep teams. He facilitates, he can shoot it, he's got good length, needs to get a little bit stronger, but I do think he's going to be a jack-of-all-trades for us."


    "Skilled, can shoot it, good size at 6-6, 6-7. Can play the 2, can play the 3, and I think he can play the 4, depending upon if we're playing small. Another guy I like his versatility and I like the way he can really shoot the ball."


    (Photo: Michael Snyder/Northwest Florida Daily News)
    "He brings a lot and the stats can be a little deceptive because he was hurt. He came back with limited minutes and played restricted because of his foot. Bouncy around the rim, needs to get a little bit more skilled, but he's a rim protector. He is every bit of 6-11, long arms, has only been playing about four years, I do think his best days are in front of him, and he can really, really run."

    (Photo: Jayne Kamin-Oncea, Getty)
    "Versatile and college ready. Here's a guy who's already played in the Pac-12. Big body, strong, he's 225 pounds. Can shoot it, a straight-line driver, good athlete. He's one of those guys when you put him on the floor, you're not going to say, 'Wow, we're small.' He's a good-sized kid and very mature."



    "Edra is a little thinner (compared to Debaut). I do think strength and conditioning will be vital for both those guys. Edra is really skilled also. He can shoot the ball. Ludgy is a little more of a ball-screener, a rim runner around the basket-type. Offensively, Edra can step out and shoot the ball from 18 feet.