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Brewers players consider Bob Uecker one of their own

Discussion in 'Milwaukee Brewers' started by Vegas, Mar 11, 2019.

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    One of the factors that has kept Bob Uecker in the radio booth for the Milwaukee Brewers well into his 80s is the manner in which players have treated him as one of their own.

    But, when the players put their money where their mouths were last November, it stunned Uecker, moving him to the brink of tears.

    When deciding who would get full playoff shares after the Brewers advanced within one game of the World Series, the players voted to give one to Uecker, which was worth $123,000. Giving a full share to a team broadcaster, even a Hall of Famer, is basically unheard-of in baseball but showed once again that "Ueck" is considered one of the boys.

    Brewers players consider Bob Uecker one of their own, including divvying up playoff money

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    I haven't heard Ueck call a game in a long time. Gotta find WTMJ on the net and pay the freight