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board changes


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Aug 7, 2011
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with the name change approaching soon there will be some changes made on this board

first a new board banner will have to be designed . so we will need to find a person who can give us several ideas to vote on

2nd i will put all of this forum rules up for a vote one by one from spamming to hijacking threads to insults to politics , everything . the people here who post regularly can decide .

3rd we need to decide if you actually want them enforced and what enforcement tools you want me to use

there are quite a few

i think less moderation is best moderation but it didnt work out as planned as different interests wanted different things enforced

but understand this if if you vote off certain rules and such that means i am able to go full bore as well . if you want insults then be prepared i am going to insult you and if you act like a baby so be it

i am not a damn hall monitor , i am going to comment and fight for my position vehemently . get used to it

anyway these are the things that will happen and there is a reason why i am waiting for the name change decision . once that is established then we can focus on the changes

now if you have ideas about the board that you would like to see leave a comment and we can take it up .

now once we have agreed to things then dont expect me not to enforce them because that would be my mandate