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Anyone familiar with a German 1938-1945 Sauer 38H pistol

Discussion in 'Guns & Shooting' started by Gooch1034, May 20, 2016.

  1. Gooch1034

    Gooch1034 Fuck off!

    Apr 26, 2010
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    Going to get what I think is my Dads Sauer 38H the next time I visit my mother. I am hoping to try to figure out a rough estimate on the guns value so I did a little research and found a couple websites that I believe helped me figure out which Sauer pistol it is but I only have 3 pictures to work from of the actual gun. I dont know shit about guns and I did the best that I could at figuring out that I don't have the military issued gun because it doesn't have the mark on the trigger guard so I assume this gun must be a police issued pistol? It also has 6 SN's which helped narrow the years the gun was likely manufactured but other than that, I don't know shit.

    Here are the 3 pics I have of the actual gun my mother sent me and also will add the link to the webpage I found that gave me a bunch of useful info. I guess my question(s) is/are what condition do you think the gun is in based on what you can see in the pics and what else do I need to know that will help me set a rough value on the gun if I compare it to others that I can find online that have been sold recently?

    Modern Firearms - Sauer 38H


  2. BubbleHead

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    Oct 5, 2016
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  3. Deathroll

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    Oct 5, 2016
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    Interesting looking. From what I've read these went mostly to police in Nazi Germany. That would explain why it doesn't have any waffenamt stamp on it showing it was accepted into the Wehrmacht arsenal. Of course since its only a .25 acp it was probably not deemed suitable as a military sidearm. As near as I can tell ones like the one pictured - ie a shooter rather than one in pristine condition - go from $300-$450 but that's just from what I could find after a quick search.
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