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2017 SEC Power Rankings Week 13

Discussion in 'SEC' started by Terminus, Nov 27, 2017.

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    #1 Auburn Tigers (10-2, 7-1 SEC) ^ Auburn finishes #1 in my SEC power rankings, as they have now defeated two #1 teams in the nation, all in the span of 2 weeks. No doubt Auburn is the hottest team in the county at the moment, and the only question is whether or not they will be healthy enough to defeat UGA in Atlanta next weekend.

    #2 Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1, 7-1 SEC) - The Crimson Tide's spot up top didn't last long, as the game against Auburn just showed that a lot of Alabama's weaknesses. Over the past few weekend Alabama has almost lost to Mississippi State and now have lost to Auburn. Now they will sit back and hope that they still get a chance in the College Football Playoffs.

    #3 Georgia Bulldogs (11-1, 7-1 SEC)* - UGA remains in the #3 spot just for the simple reason that weren't nearly as competitive against Auburn as Alabama, and I still think they are a little too 1 dimensional. The Bulldogs took care of the Jackets this past weekend is pure ass kicking fashion, and no doubt if the Dawgs win this weekend against Auburn, they will catapult to the top of the Power Rankings.

    #4 LSU Tigers (9-3, 6-2 SEC) LSU put the final nail in Sumlin's coffin, and Coach O complete his amazing turnaround for this Tigers team. From losing to Troy, to being the only SEC team to knock off Auburn, it's been a true up and down year for the Tigers. Congrats to Eddie O for his great season.

    #5 Mississippi State Bulldogs (8-4, 4-4 SEC) In Probably the worst weekend a team could have had, there lies Miss State. Loser of the Egg Bowl to a really bad Ole Miss team, and then they lose their star coach. The years of seeing Miss State ranked may be done and dusted now with the departure of Dan Mullen, and it's crazy to think how far both Mississippi schools have fallen.

    #6 Missouri Tigers (7-5, 4-4 SEC) Mzzou ends up being the second hottest team in the SEC after defeating Arkansas. They were 1-5 at one point, and finish the year winning 6 straight games to finish the year and get this team to a bowl game. Huge Congrats to Coach Odom on a great year!

    #7 Texas A&M (7-5, 4-4 SEC) Another team with a terrible weekend. Not only does your historic collapse in November happen again, but your intentions to fire your coach BEFORE the LSU game gets leaked, and sure enough you hold true, firing Sumlin. Rumors are swirling about who will replace Sumlin, but in truth, this team has once again fallen off the map in the second half of the year.

    #8 South Carolina Gamecocks (8-4, 5-4 SEC) No one expected the Gamecocks to beat Clemson, but what impressed me about this team is that they didn't quit. They lost their composure a couple of times against Clemson, but throughout the whole game, they still work bringing the hits and playing hard. I have a feeling this team is definitely on the rise as Will is really changing things in Columbia, SC.

    #9 Ole Miss Rebels (6-6, 3-5 SEC) Congrats to Ole Miss for not only beating your rival, but hiring the coach that played for you, and seems to be truly loved by this team. It was an impressive win beating Mississippi State, but it was great seeing all the players come up to Coach Luke, hug him, tell him they love him, and then celebrate. Ole Miss won't be going to a bowl game this year, but finishing the year at 6-6 is way above what I expected.

    #10 Kentucky Wildcats (7-5, 4-4 SEC) Two Words. Lamar Jackson. Last year's win for the Wildcats against Louisville was avenged this weekend when Louisville absolutely tore Kentucky apart. The game was never really close, but regardless, the Wildcats will be going bowling this year.

    #11 Vanderbilt Commodores (5-7, 1-7 SEC) In the biggest jump this week, bottom feeder Vanderbilt moves up here after crushing Tennessee. It wasn't a pretty year, but they still have a top 25 win on the resume this year, and now have defeated their in-state rival UT.

    #12 Florida Gators (4-7, 3-5 SEC) Playing a bad FSU team and still you don't look competitive. Rumors swirl that you are bringing Chip Kelly, but instead he chooses UCLA over Gainesville. Florida did get one of the best coaches in the conference with Mullen, but I'm not sure how much he'll have to work with at the beginning. Regardless, you have to feel better about next year with Dan at the helm.

    #13 Arkansas Razorbacks (4-8, 1-6 SEC) Another team that fired their coach after the season. What a bad team Brett has made in Arkansas, and I'm not really sure where they go from here. Sadly for them, Gus and Auburn beat Alabama, so the chances of the Gus Bus moving up to Arkansas this year seem more slim, but if there is any way they can get him to leave Auburn, it'll be another team absolutely excited for years to come. This year though was forgettable.

    #14 Tennessee Volunteers (4-8, 0-8 SEC) Whenever you announce you are about to hire a coach, and no one is excited, that's not a good thing. The past 3 years have probably been the most embarrassing for this once great football program. The admin really need to take a step back, take a deep breath, and figure shit out otherwise the ship won't be right. Winless in the SEC isn't UT football, but this year it is. Since they firing of Fulmer, this program has rapidly moved into the basement. They need to reevaluate everything if they are going to get this program back on its feet in the next 2-3 years.

    ^ - SEC West Champion
    * - SEC East Champion

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