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  1. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    As long as Dunning is doing ok, Renteria will leave him in there. But as soon as he gets into any kind of trouble, I see him getting the hook. This could be our last game and we have a number of arms that can be thrown out there to help keep us alive, ie Bummer, Rodon, Crochet, Heuer, Foster...
  2. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    Any guess as to who gets the nod for tomorrow? Since Cease pitched an inning, my guess is it's Dunning. I'm sure he'll have a very short leash.
  3. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    Left 10. As good as our offense has been all season, those remaining on base at the end of each inning has remained constant thorn in our side. But I also have to say on the positive end that there also remains no quit in this team. When the A's got off to that early 5-0, I was ready to pack...
  4. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    Oh well, could be worse. We could be the Twins. 18th straight postseason loss and they're now out of the playoffs altogether. At least we get to fight another day.
  5. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    I actually think Ozzie was a decent manager, at least up to the Sox winning the WS. The problem was his ego became much larger than the manager's position requires. He started believing his own hype, which eventually led to his downfall. Personally, I don't miss him one bit as far as running...
  6. Lake Shore Drive


    This is the problem with the covid issues as it's related to the NFL vs what's happened when MLB resumed. With the latter, they had options in which to make up lost games due to the covid cancellations. The NFL is much more limited. If they can get the testing up to snuff perhaps by Tue or...
  7. Lake Shore Drive

    Three games in, Johnson one of the early steals of the draft

    Long way to go before making any firm annointments, but so far, so good. Check out this stat, which was mentioned on WCG: Bears' Jaylon Johnson has allowed 0.19 (!!) yards per coverage snap when lined up in press this season... That leads all qualifying NFL cornerbacks through W3. Color me...
  8. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    I trust you guys realize that for all the fun it is bagging on him, Ricky is likely the leading candidate for AL Mgr of the Year. Had the Sox not faltered in the final week, his selection would have been a shoo-in. Even despite this, his only real competition is Kevin Cash of the Rays and...
  9. Lake Shore Drive

    Carson Wentz Apology Thread

    Right now in a rather tight race, I'd rank these top performing QBs accordingly: 1. Mahomes 2. Wilson 3. Rodgers 4. Allen Mahomes and Wilson get the edge over the other two because they not only are great passers, but they can make things happen with their feet as well, and that provides an...
  10. Lake Shore Drive

    More surprising this year

    I would say my Bears being 3-0 might be the biggest surprise on the winning side, but then again, they have yet to facey a really tough, winning opponent, so maybe I shouldn't be all that shocked. Now OTOH, definitely on the 0-3 side, the Vikings are the biggest surprise to me. I wudda never...
  11. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    I thought for much of the first half of this shortened season that Colome almost always got the job done, but more often than not it was in nail-biting fashion. But in the back half he began to settle in and not only continued to come thru, but most of those appearances were minus the nail biting.
  12. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    Amen to that. Either it's Cease or Dunning and neither have been lighting it up, especially of late. I see a distinct advantage going to Oakland if this series goes three.
  13. Lake Shore Drive

    Game Thread: Week 3: Bears (2-0) at Atlanta (0-2)

    I sure as hell hate to agree with that last sentence, but I'm afraid I have to do so. We all wanted Mitch to succeed. BTW, I'm not ready to completely write off the kid, even if he ends his career with the Bears after this season. He could very well be one of those types of QBs who needs a...
  14. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    Good to get off the schneid on the first game. The Sox obviously shook off the troubles from that season-ending collapse. Not ready to call this a series by any stretch, but I like our chances tomorrow with Keuchel taking the mound.
  15. Lake Shore Drive

    Series Thread: Sox at A’s (3 gm series)

    I'll take the safe route and go with the 2020 AL MVP (I'll let richi guess who that is).
  16. Lake Shore Drive

    Cohen's absence.

    It's possible that the Bears bring up Artavis Pierce from the practice squad. He showed some Cohen-esque flashes during camp.
  17. Lake Shore Drive

    Monday Night Football: Chiefs @ Ravens

    Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed. Levy made more mistakes in his play calling than Joe Biden does in one of his speeches.
  18. Lake Shore Drive

    Monday Night Football: Chiefs @ Ravens

    Bet he had about a zillion things going thru his mind while waiting for that high lob from Mahomes on that last TD.
  19. Lake Shore Drive

    Monday Night Football: Chiefs @ Ravens

    Without question, the best QB in the league, the best offense in the league, the best offensive-minded coach in the league. Add it up and that can get you back-back SB rings.
  20. Lake Shore Drive

    Post here if your team is 3-0

    Even as a loyal, diehard Bears fan, I can't really argue that this is one of the worst 3-0 teams I've seen in many years. Let's face it, we're barely beating bad teams - in fact, so far the three opponents we've defeated are a combined 1-8. All aspects of our game reek of mediocrity. Nothing...
  21. Lake Shore Drive

    It's official

    As if.......... https://www.windycitygridiron.com/2020/9/28/21473673/chicago-bears-announce-nick-foles-week-4-starting-quarterback-indianapolis-colts-mitchell-trubisky
  22. Lake Shore Drive

    RememberTheKoy's Official 2020 NFL Power Rankings W3

    Agreed, Thomas might be one of the most valuable WRs in NFL history when not playing for his team. Simply amazing how ineffective the Saints passing game is without him out there. It's almost night and day. The Saints better hope that nothing happens to uber weapon Alvin Kamara, who presently...
  23. Lake Shore Drive

    How long do bears stick with trubs before going to foles?

    Not really. We have to remember there was barely a training camp, let alone any preseason games to allow Foles to get acclimated to the Bears O. Trubisky had a tremendous advantage in that regard, not to mention he had been practicing in the offseason, even thruout the pandemic with some of...