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The True Insanity of the Left

Discussion in 'Politics Forum' started by USCDoom, Jan 11, 2017.

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    Judge Rules Acquitted Officers In The Freddie Gray Case Can Sue Marilyn Mosby

    So this is some Radical Leftist Rag, but check this out....

    "There’s something so evil about the fact that the people who are responsible for the loss of a life, are attempting to sue a woman who was simply trying to hold someone accountable for it."

    Lets go over Fact, rather than Insane Leftist Propaganda.

    No One was Found Guilty for a loss of Life.
    They think Arresting and Trying Innocent people is Being Accountable.

    See the Left does not care about Facts and History, all they care about is Propaganda. So when it is PROVEN no one killed this guy, that does not matter, they are still killers to the Left.

    If the Left Labels you an Enemy, you a Guilty of Murder even if you are found Innocent and there is more proof of a Suicide than of Manslaughter.

    True Insanity