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The 2018 CHICAGO CUBS Needs

Discussion in 'Chicago Cubs' started by TheStarOne, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. TheStarOne

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    Aug 21, 2013
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    Resign Wade Davis..... The CUBS do not have any other closer in their system.
    They need a high percentage hitter in Left Field. Schwarber may be trade bait.
    Rondon, Montgomery, ain't the answer. And I don't see Montgomery as a starter. Grim shouldn't be there.
    Baez needs a hitting coach to work with him in the off season. (teach him how to bunt)
    CUBS need two starters.........Lackey and Arrieta are gone.
    There is a dispute as to whether the CUBS have a lead off hitter in their whole system.
    Resign John Jay.
    I think the CUBS need a hitting coach.
    I also believe the CUBS need a bench coach to call the pitches for Contreras.
    The CUBS need to learn how to play small ball. (especially Rizzo) The CUBS hit into the shift way too often.
    Jason Heyward needs to be more of an opposite field hitter.