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Im glad Ill be dead long before soccer makes more than a whimper in the us of a

Discussion in 'Oklahoma State Cowboys' started by cane_man, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. cane_man

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    Dec 19, 2009
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    Soccer has me thinking there is only the usa and 3rd world countries in the world. What a painfully terrible sport to watch. The recent acc v sec fishing tournament was about 10,000X more exciting. I know, I know, its cute to see our sub-tweens play it, but thankfuly our truly gifted atheletes out grow it when they get their first zit and move on to real sports.

    Seriously, as it should be, there will be more nfl preseason games on tv than force fed, shove it down my throat, world cup games. To that I lol, and quote james brown...."LIVING IN AMERICA!" And my old coach "We dont follow trends boys, we set em!"

    PS: why does the clock run opposite of all other sports in the world in soccer? Can somebody clue them in? I mean, counting UP to the end of the game makes as much sense as wearing deer skin panties and hunting grizzly bears with a club. Yeah, that was done forever too.

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