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Curtis Malone/DC Assault article

Discussion in 'Maryland Terrapins' started by Trevler, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Aug 30, 2013
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    Curtis Malone's two businesses: AAU basketball and drugs - College Basketball - SI.com

    This makes me respect Gary Williams even more by not dealing with this guy. Coach K didn't know about the shady dealings of Curtis Malone? I really don't believe that.

    Here's some quotes from the article.

    Three of 10 recruited scholarship players on the Duke roster in 2010–11 were from D.C. Assault. “I think everyone was shocked,” says Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski of Malone’s drug-dealing career. “How would you know that? I feel bad for the family. He’s been a great father to Nolan.”

    But some weren’t shocked. When he was coach at Maryland, Gary Williams refused to deal with Malone, telling his assistants that he wasn’t going to deal with a drug dealer. “I know what he is,” Williams, who declined to comment for this story, told The Washington Post in 2009.

    He brags that if he weren’t in jail, McDonald’s All-American guard Romelo Trimble never would have “stepped foot on Maryland’s campus” unless Turgeon hired an Assault coach.