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Congrats Badgers

Discussion in 'Wisconsin Badgers' started by Great Dayne, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. Great Dayne

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    Beating USC in what was basically a road game with terrible official the Badgers pulled off their best win of the season. Stave was able to actually manage a game for a change, the defense was it's normal stellar self, Cichy completed 3 consecutive sacks in a row which I haven't seen since White in the SB. As of right now we might have the best combo in the NCAA for offensive and defensive play calling. The only issue is our recruiting is pathetic. It seems are best players are always walk-ons. We need an entire new offense as we don't have one legit player after some leave. O-line were all freshmen but were still horrible. No consistent WR's, Watt is gone at FB, and for RB Clement is a mediocre RB.

    Good luck next year

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