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Add 13th game

Discussion in 'Penn State Nittany Lions' started by fonze232, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. fonze232

    fonze232 Member

    Apr 10, 2012
    Central NY
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    Penn State has a scheduling problem. We are financially dependent on 7 home games, and have 9 conference games. This means we get (4.5) B1G home games per year, with 3 non-conference games. To make sure we have 7 home games, we can schedule 2 cupcakes to come here every year (2) and one home and home (.5) which brings us to 7 home games if we add the number in parenthesis up.

    My solution. Have 10 conference games with all non-division winners playing the weekend of the B1G championship. B1G teams would have 6 division games, 1 rival from the other division that is played every year, and play 3 of the other 6 teams in the other division. The rival from the other division would be played the same week as the conference championship game. The 2 division winners would play for the championships, their division rivals, who would be left without a game, would play each other.

    That would give all non-division winning teams 10 conference games, including (5) home games. Penn State could schedule a cupcake (1) and two home and home (.5 + .5 = 1) series in the non-conference schedule and that adds up to 7. It would be great to have Pitt as an annual home and home and still be able to schedule another P5 team. Or rotate Pitt out with other regional schools like SU, BC, WVU, etc. and then also play a power school from another region.

    The biggest downside, IMO, is that the B1G teams whose interdivisional rivals made the conference championship would have a 50% chance of playing a rematch during championship week. I like the idea overall though as it doesn't add any time to the schedule and gets another home game in every other year allowing more flexibility in the non-conference scheduling. What do you guys think.

    TL/DR...I can't explain. Just read it.

  2. linebackeru

    linebackeru Caught in a Mosh

    Sep 8, 2010
    Latrobe, PA
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    I would NEVER schedule Pitt longterm. It does not benefit PSU at all. Our scheduling is fine going forward, we have Home-home with WVU, Auburn, VT and Cuse. Temple will stay on because they do a 3 for 1 deal and we'll hammer another cupcake to round it out.
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