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2017 Mountain West Power Rankings Week 2

Discussion in 'Mountain West Conference' started by BoiseStateFan27, Sep 11, 2017.

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    1. San Diego State - San Diego State mostly controlled Arizona State and ran the ball all over them in a win and not many folks were surprised, San Diego State certainly has come a long way, Stanford is next though.
    2. Air Force - Air Force had a bye week this week and now they get to face Michigan.
    3. Colorado State - rolled past a FCS opponent for a win.
    4. Boise State - can't hang on to a 21 point lead late in the game apparently, they're the same error prone team once again.
    5. Wyoming - Won 27-0 over Gardner-Webb, offense seems to be worse but the defense is better
    6. Utah State - I'm not really sure to put here, Utah State did crush Idaho State but they were supposed to do that.
    7. Hawai'i - They got destroyed by UCLA in a game so bad that a UCLA player even managed to deflect one of Hawai'i's passes using a towel.
    8. Nevada- They're 0-2 but have been at least reasonably competitive so far.
    9. UNLV - Tough to rank this team, that Howard loss was horrific, but was it a fluke? They absolutely destroyed an Idaho team that was supposed to be decent this year. They could also be just as inconsistent as last year also.
    10. Fresno State - They scored 10 points on Alabama, so that's something
    11. San Jose State - they looked ok to start out but got absolutely destroyed in a 56-0 loss to Texas
    12. New Mexico - This team might be really bad this year, New Mexico has overachieved the past few years but they clearly seem to be in trouble after a loss to New Mexico State.

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